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Triumph Trophy Review

Triumph Trophy Review!

Triumph Trophy 1200

After a decade of riding mostly Sports bikes, straddling this new Triumph Trophy seems a little daunting at first, but not enough to worry about, after all it's only a motorcycle at the end of the day.

It's a clear day, the sun is out but there is a little nip in the air, perfect for trying out the heated seats and grips. I've never had these before so I will enjoy my journey  today!

Looking at all the controls seems a bit confusing at first, but Triumph have done a good job of placing the buttons in the right places and not moving the standard controls such as pass flash, indicators etc.

Moving off, the bike feels balanced and smooth, the brakes are sharp but not over the top. Instantly it feels smaller than when I was standing looking at it in the car park. Being only 5"7' the seat height is perfect for me and the bars are also closer than rival bikes which again ticks a box for me.

Today my trips will take me into town a couple of times, a 10 mile dual carriageway ride and some open road routes. First up is the dual carriageway then into town.

Now this is the SE model which comes with the Electronic Suspension, I've set it in "comfort" just to see how it rides the bumps. The answer is very good indeed! You could easily ride over an average, mid-size bungalow without tearing your spleen in two, but at the same time it doesn't handle like most large touring bikes that often feel like the frame is made out of jelly every time you ride over a loose piece of shingle! The throttle, in comfort mode, is less aggressive, poke it and it performs well but it's not going to the moon and back. This setting is what I call "the girlfriend mode." We all know most pillion ladies don't like us petrol head men having a hard, fast bike. In this mode you'll earn some brownie points as she'll be relaxed and impressed with your riding skills knowing that when you're on a solo ride with friends you are a sensible rider.

Now, before I move on to the other riding modes I just want to point out some features. Luggage space is very ample, more than I need but just enough for my partners shoe collection and 10 outfits complete with makeup and the kitchen sink. It does have a radio but today I didn't have it rigged up, but again the controls seem easy to use. Cruise control is easy and simple and comes in softly. The screen is the best I have ever experienced, it will sit fully upright at high speed without too much movement and, to be honest, I could have written this piece on the petrol tank even with my gloves on, it was that still. It is also a memory screen, hurray!! At last, a motorcycle brand that actually listened to the customer! It returns straight back to where you had it when the ignition is switched on. The ABS is there, not that I stirred it up today, after all this bike isn't even out yet, even with some heavy handed braking I didn't manage to activate it. The traction control is adjustable through the controls but I left it on 01, it seemed OK and it didn't stop me making some quick getaways.

Back to the ride positions, now I'm guessing "normal" is a more balanced throttle and suspension setting, this, today, is not what I am looking for, "sport" all the way. Do forgive me, but this is what I am used to and I cannot help myself but to give it a good poke with a stick and see what she does. Instantly the bike feels sharp and lively like I've just fed it some Red Bull. The throttle response is instant and the noise from the air box is far more profound and gorgeous. Testing the suspension with a quick jab of the brakes shows a firm, tight feeling. Exiting from roundabouts with it on the gas and it wants to pick the front wheel up, this thing thinks it's on a track looking for a thrill! It corners with confidence and grace, after all this is a big bike but the more I ride it the more it feels increasingly smaller and agile. The fuel economy is still showing 40mpg+ in this mode too. Good fun and good for your wallet is hard to come by these days.

This mode should not be written as "sport" but as "Grrrrr." Don't give this mode away to our cherished lady pillions by throwing on your beloved knee slider leathers, all brownie points collected will now be lost, game over!

To sum it up this bike does everything you want and is such a joy to ride. All of the controls are easy to use and are simple. The riding position is first class and if you want to rattle the cages of your dearest friends who ride German or Japanese equivalents and want to leave them in your mirrors then get the new Trophy. It will only be a matter of time before they trade in their bikes in awe of the new Triumph.

Adie Porter