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Triumph Daytona 675 (2013) Review at Adrian Porter

3X Triumph Daytona 675 2013 Review

Triumph Daytona 675 2013

Here I stand on a cold February morning about to test the all new Triumph Daytona 675, and straight away the bike looks sharp and pleasing to the eye. Triumph has thrown everything at this bike to grab your attention by the scruff of its neck, and oh-boy what a job they have done.

The bike is all new from the ground up with so many changes that you can't see, and with lots that you can. Overall they have changed things to make it faster and to make it turn quicker, but without boring you with 'Mass Centralisation' or 'Rake and Trail' all-in-all it is lighter, faster and much sharper in the corners.

I am taking the route over the hills near Shaftesbury as there are a couple miles that feel like the TT mountain pass, but the first thing I notice from setting off is that roar from the air box . . . . it is enough to deafen small children! It reminds me of my first K1 GSXR, there was no other bike out there with that noise but the Daytona is awesome and even on another level! The bike feels really comfortable and the tank seems a little higher and wider, so I'm sat further forward. They have lowered the seat by 10mm and brought the bars up 5mm and it really fits me like a glove.

The radially-mounted Nissin monobloc callipers are amazing for a stock bike, nice and firm but comfortable, they don't fade nor get sticky which works well with the upside-down forks, combine that with the sharper rake and this new front end brings smiles to every corner. The engine has now a few more horses and has a little more compression too so the limiter is squeezed to 14400rpm, handy for those 750s on the track you want to stick with!

The more I push this in the corners the more my confidence grows. It has masses of mid-range grunt for pinning it out the corners, so with the air box roaring away and the front end lifting off of every tree root, I'm popping up the box with the Triumph quick shifter like there's no tomorrow and I start giggle like a kid in a candy shop. Even the long right I know so well, keeping it pinned not even a hiccup from the rear end, this thing wants to play naughty with me. OK time to calm down as I almost went over her Majesties speed limit there!

After the long hill tops it winds down to some tight technical stuff where the slipper-clutch comes into play, seriously, with no word of a lie, a 7 year old could back this into a corner and look better than Shakey Byrne! This is when I start to think about my GSXR K6 750 at Triumph sitting there all on its own thinking to itself:  "No match for me I'm a 750 with more torque and power and pedigree" hmmm.... am I about to cheat on my girl and come right out and say it......OK yes, this bike is in my opinion, the best 600 road bike I have ever ridden, ever.

I find my way back to 30mph speed limits and the bike just floats by pedestrians and around parked cars so gracefully and quietly but leaving you with a cheeky little air box roar in your ear so much to say "Don't mess! I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing."

Summing up the ride knowing I couldn't ride it too fast, nor take it to a track to show off its full potential, this new Daytona is stunning to look at, amazing to ride and it gives you so much confidence over so many other bikes, that I start to think how is any Japanese, European or Italian brand equivalent going to touch this 675 in bang-for-buck. All I know is I know where I would place my deposit on a new sports bike!

P.S. One K6 GSXR 750 for sale one "careful" owner and low miles!